Who is PhotoMummy?

Mum of two Daughters aged 8 and 12.

Just turned 30.

CONSTANTLY taking photo’s using either my iphone or my DSLR.Photography is my passion.

Married to my Husband who is 13 years my senior and have been together since I was 17.

Slightly crazy,but all the best people are and I don’t follow the crowd.

Has worked in a Chemist,a Charity shop,been a checkout chick,worked on the China and gift section of a large department store,done a stint as an Avon Rep and also a Sales leader,managed 1 day in a Sandwich Factory and now working in Domiciliary Care but that could all change.

Adoptive mum of a Lurcher girlie ,an over weight Tom Cat,two African Pygmy Hedgehogs (yes really) Two Warren Hens,One White Star Hen,a Bluebell Hen,One Black Rock Hen and five assorted Bantam Hens oh and a very bitey Hamster (ironically named Cuddles) that belongs to my youngest.

Tree hugging dirt worshipper,or Pagan if you prefer.

Good sense of humour,but you may not ‘get me’.

Likes Sparkly things

Worries way to much.

Stuck in the Midlands and desperate to get to Cumbria.

Cares about the environment and believe in preserving the planet for our kids and their children.I recycle,buy second hand and try to use local/British produce where I can.

Despises cruelty of any kind.

Hobbies include Fantasy House Shopping,Jewellery making and collecting Faeries.


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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