The Hen House

I/We started keeping Chickens back in May this year. At first we had our Five Bantam Hens and the top ‘dog’ Big Bertha our Warren. It was then I started to realise that chicken keeping becomes something of an addiction. You start to trawl the net for bigger and better coops,make an all things chicken board on Pintrest (guilty) ,talk to your friends/Husband/family about your ‘girls’ (no not your human children silly-those girls) and,of course, you start to look at getting more chickens to fill up all that lovely empty space in the Garden. Our four new Hybrid Hens joined our flock last month. Maybe 10 is enough but I still keep dreaming of adding more.

Below are links to Chicken related Posts published on my Blog,defiantly more to come!

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Saturday is Chicken Caption Day
Six Soggy Hens

Below is a video by that I find hysterical but also chillingly accurate at the same time…..*not to self stop purchasing ‘Country Smallholding’ Magazine*….


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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