Tales from the Coop

We’ve had a few developments since I last Blogged about ‘my girls’.

As you can remember we had our 5 Pekin Bantams and our Warren Bertha.Sadly Bertha is no longer with us having past away at the beginning of October,she was an old girl. She never gave us a single egg but had the kindest nature and would always chat away to you.She was also top of the pecking order so when she died our 5 little Pekins didn’t quite know what to do. In fact it took them a week and a half to start eating properly again,you can’t tell me they didn’t know she had gone.My Daughters were distraught,especially my eldest who was holding Bertha at the time of her passing which wasn’t particularly peaceful and without warning. It was a sad day.The Pekins have perked up again now though and are busying themselves with all their daily goings on. They have also discovered warm Porridge-it’s a hit!

Back in Augast 4 new ladies arrived to live with us to. They are Hybrid hens so bigger than our little Bantams.

We have Buckbeak

New Girls 003



Hedwig (can you see a pattern here?)


and Fawkes who again sadly passed away suddenly and without warning last week.I’m not sure how old she was she wasn’t laying despite her previous owner saying she was under two.The Henwarts residents (see what I did there?) haven’t mourned for her like the Pekins did.They have completely different personality’s though quite 0and not at all chatty.They don’t really like cuddles but will tolerate being held if necessary. Scabbers is very flighty and you quite often have to chase her to get her back in the run,she goes in every direction but through the door!

We also have a lovely colour range of Eggs now


The new ladies are housed separately from our Pekins as space in the run would not be sufficient for all of them.

I am planning on building new runs soon as it seems we will be having four new ladies coming to live with us after Christmas-watch this space!

(I was inspired to write this after reading THIS lovely post from ‘Margot tries the Good Life’)