Tales from the Coop

We’ve had a few developments since I last Blogged about ‘my girls’.

As you can remember we had our 5 Pekin Bantams and our Warren Bertha.Sadly Bertha is no longer with us having past away at the beginning of October,she was an old girl. She never gave us a single egg but had the kindest nature and would always chat away to you.She was also top of the pecking order so when she died our 5 little Pekins didn’t quite know what to do. In fact it took them a week and a half to start eating properly again,you can’t tell me they didn’t know she had gone.My Daughters were distraught,especially my eldest who was holding Bertha at the time of her passing which wasn’t particularly peaceful and without warning. It was a sad day.The Pekins have perked up again now though and are busying themselves with all their daily goings on. They have also discovered warm Porridge-it’s a hit!

Back in Augast 4 new ladies arrived to live with us to. They are Hybrid hens so bigger than our little Bantams.

We have Buckbeak

New Girls 003



Hedwig (can you see a pattern here?)


and Fawkes who again sadly passed away suddenly and without warning last week.I’m not sure how old she was she wasn’t laying despite her previous owner saying she was under two.The Henwarts residents (see what I did there?) haven’t mourned for her like the Pekins did.They have completely different personality’s though quite 0and not at all chatty.They don’t really like cuddles but will tolerate being held if necessary. Scabbers is very flighty and you quite often have to chase her to get her back in the run,she goes in every direction but through the door!

We also have a lovely colour range of Eggs now


The new ladies are housed separately from our Pekins as space in the run would not be sufficient for all of them.

I am planning on building new runs soon as it seems we will be having four new ladies coming to live with us after Christmas-watch this space!

(I was inspired to write this after reading THIS lovely post from ‘Margot tries the Good Life’)


Operation Chicken-The next instalment

I’ve been a bit quiet of late sorry about that but my time has been taken up by numerous things but mostly Chickens.

We managed to get the run up-by goodness it was hard-but it’s up and functioning.

april 2013 099

april 2013 100

The new residents arrived last Tuesday 😀

Big Bertha-My 11 years olds choice of name!

Big Bertha-My 11 years olds choice of name!

Dotty (left) and Oreo

Dotty (left) and Oreo

Oreo again,and in the bottom left corner is Edna

Oreo again,and in the bottom left corner is Edna



and this is Rose

and this is Rose

All but Bertha are various types of Pekin Bantams,Rose and Edna lay beautiful Blue eggs! Bertha is a Warren type Hybrid hen,she doesn’t lay any more but that’s OK.

They seem to have settled in well. I had planned on building them a movable run too but now I’m thinking it might be better to fence some of the garden off just for them. We let them out in the afternoon for a run round the garden but it’s a game of tig to get them back in!

My kitchen is full of layers pellets and mixed corn and my shed is full of straw but they are great,really and the girls love them.

Does anyone else keep Chickens?

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Operation Chicken is go!

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason , what ever that reason may be. If you have read my post The Plan you will see that Keeping Chickens appears on the list.

The plan is not to be put into action for a few years yet so why did I find myself last week mooching around on ebay looking a hen houses and runs?

and then maybe putting a bid in on one….

I didn’t think I was going to actually win the thing!


Picture the scene,I start rousing from my sleep around 5:30 am as my Husband comes stomping into the bedroom and says very loudly ‘I see you’ve won that bloody chicken coop then!’ Whoops-ebay mobile is BAD I’ve decided. What I’ve neglected to tell him is said coop is actually nearly an hours drive away and we need to go and pick it up today.

Although he owes me one after two African Pygmy Hedgehogs arrived new years day *sigh* He couldn’t have got them normal pets could he?!

but I digress back to the story

I explain it’s a bargain,£31! and at least we’ve got one now blah ,blah,I really need to get it today .Blah,Blah.
He grunts and says ok,he’s a good lad really :).
So after begging a flat bed from his old boss and a very slow tedious drive down there (he didn’t want to push it over 50 ) we arrived at the house to collect our winnings. The lady had very kindly dismantled the run for ease of transportation. But by goodness it was heavy,and I mean HEAVY, The thing is home made from decking (£700 worth of stuff I believe) Cue evil looks from hubby over the top of panels and we go huffing and puffing from garden-via garage-to truck and back. Finally it’s all on and we strap it down (ish). It’s a windy day and I have some sort of panic about our haul flying away down the hard shoulder so I demand we take the A roads on our way home. Another evil look and a very long drive from Bromsgrove,through Birmingham and back to home. We had a lot of odd looks and to be honest I felt like I should have been blowing an air horn and yelling ‘scrap irrroooooonnnnn’ out of the window (sorry). But we made it home and with help from a friend we got it all into the back garden.

so now we have this



That should look like this!

We have the coop/run but no chooks so I decided after our Holiday in July would be a good time to think about getting some,that way I can buy equipment and food we will need.

I receive a text message from my friend (and your not going to believe this!) her Son would like to know if I would like to buy his Hen house,run,all equipment and his 6 hens for £30 !! He didn’t think of mentioning this earlier.

Well what do I do?! I went to see the ‘girls’ and they are fabulous so now it seems I will have two,runs,to houses and six feathered friends.

I was worried about space though but my Dad came up with a fantastic idea. We have an old swing set that the girls have outgrown and I was going to get rid of it but Dad suggested Upcycle-ing it into a run as there is a ready made frame there. How brilliant and it will certainly give them plenty of space with that plus the other two runs.

I need to get everything up and running and then our new residents can arrive.

Stay Tuned!