Share the #FBlove

And we’re back!

Apologies for the lack of #FBlove in recent months . I’m feeling rotten at the moment and I could do with a bit of love soooooo I’ve decided to start #FBlove back up again.

If your new to this or an old hand here is a quick run down on what #FBlove is and how to play….

Is your Blogs Facebook page lacking likers? Feeling a bit lonely on Twitter? Like some more followers for your Blog?
#FBlove can help!
The idea is to spread some Likey love by visiting fellow Bloggers FB pages and giving them a like,also follow them on Twitter. Ideally you will also gain more readers for your Blog.
You don’t have to be a new Blog to join in,all are welcome 😀

Right the ‘rules’

Add your link to your Facebook page via the Linky below and Leave your Twitter name in a comment below so peeps can get following too.


Comment on a Bloggers FB page to let them know you have visited and liked also tweet them with #FBlove,they then have to like and follow back.

You can also tweet me @photomummy to let me know you have joined in.

So what do you think? Would you like to share the FB love?

Facebook page to page likes do not show up in your page stats,only personal likes do so like the page from a personal account if you can 😀

You can also grab the Badge code and display it on your Blog if you’d like 🙂

Want to know more about how #FBlove came into being?? You can read about it HERE

Share The Love

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28 thoughts on “Share the #FBlove

  1. What a great idea thank you for the invite, can I add all three of my fb pages as I have one for each blog?

    My Twitter name is @Miss_Biggun, my dog Badger Boo also has a Twitter account and he is @Puppy_Views also if your interested in knitting and crafts I have another Twitter account @GKnitting a bit greedy to have three accounts I know, but each one shares different subjects.

    Thanks again for the invite and I’m sorry to see you’ve been feeling rotten lately (((((hugs))))) hope things improve soon.


  2. I’ve joined in but the picture thingy won’t work at all for me for some reason today :-/

    Happy to welcome all likes & follows, but, for privacy reasons, I only like from my page now if I don’t know someone in real life so totally understand if others do the same 🙂


    • Hi Lisa,thank you for linking up. I’m sorry you couldn’t get a picture to load. Next time I shall leave it out 🙂 No worries about liking from your Blog page,just leave a comment to let peeps know you have ‘liked’. I have a separate personal page just for my Blog as no one in the real world with the exception of my close family knows I Blog!

Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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