Time to let go..?

Yesterday my Daughter asked if she could go to the park-alone. Of course my immediate answer was no. This set her off,
‘you treat me like a baby’,
‘Why cant you cross me over the road-I will be OK’ and
‘you don’t think I’m grown up enough do you?’

No she’s not a 12 year old desperate for a bit of incandescence-she’s 9.

So,am I wrong to worry about her going to the park alone two streets away,I think I am.

She is a very ‘little’ 9 ,not just her height or the fact she has only turned 9 last week ,her mannerisms and ways make her seem a lot younger. This bothers me also as in two years she will be going to High school.

Now if my eldest Daughter (now 12) Had asked me if she could go to the park alone at 9 I would have crossed her over the road and waved her off without hesitation. They are two VERY different children, my eldest was born about aged 30 I’m convinced of it. She is very sensible,reserved and analyses everything .

My youngest on the other hand is loud,outgoing and impulsive- all great qualities also.

So my dilemma is this ,do I untie the apron strings and give her the freedom she wants. I don’t think she’s ready-I don’t think I’M ready.

and I think that’s the problem. This is the last child I will raise and I want to enjoy her being small as much as possible,and she’s starting to not need me and it hurts.I know she’s growing up and that’s great ,and she will always be my baby-they both will. But it still hurts how time passes so fast.

Back to the park , she goes with her sister and that’s fine. Her Dad said definitely no if she goes alone. To be fair I would say that to my eldest to-you just never know who is about.

So am I the worst mother in the world,smothering her and not letting her have a bit of freedom. Or are some of you reading this an nodding in agreement ?

I’d love to know because this is playing on my mind so much.


Kids eh?

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11 thoughts on “Time to let go..?

  1. No, you are not wrong. I’m the other way. My 11 yr old is impulsive and young for.her age, whereas my 7 yr old is quite sensible, well ‘ish’!

    My daughter was 10 when.she went to the swing park across the road and down a cul-de-sac. the park is surrounded by houses – 3 of which are my friends’ and kept me updated. She doesn’t go out without her phone either.

    It is hard, but stick to your guns xx

  2. I think you have to go with your gut on these things. Mother’s know their kids better than anyone, you should listen to yourself here.

  3. No, I would be terrified. Just this week Daybreak filmed a mock up of children (some of whom were almost teenagers) going off with a stranger with relative ease. I think if you are not 100% certain she will be fine go with your gut and hold onto her just a little longer. She may not thank you for it now, but you know she is safe, and you are the adult here. Trust your instinct. #PoCoLo

  4. You are not wrong to worry and it will never stop. My mum says she still worries about me every day and I am almost 40.
    Thing is, if you don’t let them spread their wings a little, one day they will fly to far away.

  5. Mine are almost 3 and almost 1 and I simply can’t conceive of a time that I’d let them do anything on their own! I have been told it creeps up on your gradually so you have time to get used to it, but I’ll believe it when I see it…

  6. It’s a hard one but if your instinct is that’s she’s not ready then clearly she’s not ready. Thing is they change so quick at that age that maybe in 6 months she will be ready. 9 is still very young though. I got pay as you go mobiles for mine as soon as they started going out without me, just in case. Would that make you feel better?

  7. My kids are all very different – and our park is the next street. My 5 year old is so sensible I could let him go (obviously I wont!!) on his own, but his 4 year old brother definitely not.

    I think our son was 9 (now 10) and we did end up buying him a cheap mobile phone for it.

    Good luck – my youngest is just starting school.

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