Our Holiday Review

***NOTE this is not a paid or sponsored review just a personal view and account of the Holiday Park and surrounding area***

We arrived back on Sunday 28th July after a week at Hafan Y Mor near Pwllheli in Wales. It’s a Haven site and after reading some very damming reviews (bad idea!) I was getting very worried having had a bad experience with Haven before.

On arrival check in was quick and easy and the lady was very polite.We had booked a Retreat caravan and our accommodation was situated in Parklands. When the rep circled it on the map I was a bit dubious as it was very close to the main entertainment area however I needn’t have worried.

Parklands is a lovely quiet area. The vans are spaced far apart so you don’t feel boxed in . In the middle there is a large grassed space with wooden animal sculptures which our kids enjoyed playing on ,and you can sit on your deck and relax while keeping an eye on them.Yes you can see the flumes and at the back of you there is a very dilapidated building which I’m assuming is some sort of storage area BUT it’s a lot nicer looking than other areas.
The Caravan was pristine and very spacious,there were 7 of us (4 adults,3 kids) staying in a 3 bed and we were very comfortable.

wales 2013 147

Eating on site is a bit of a junk food feast,you have Burger King,Cooks Chippy and Pappa Johns Pizza-which deliver to your Caravan. The kids enjoyed it but by the end of the week I was craving Salad! There is the Mash and Barrel over on the other side of the park ,we ate there once. The prices are no more expensive than off site and the food was delicious.It’s also the fastest service I have ever received and we still cant work out how they did it!

The evening entertainment is very same-y. The youngest member of our party  enjoyed it but our kids aged 8 and 11 weren’t really interested so we only went to the Boardwalk 3 times. If it is your sort of thing though get there early as later on in the evening,after 7,there is no where to sit.

Of course there are the funworks arcades attached to both the Boardwalk and the Showbar,and also over at the Mash and barrel. £20 can disappear very easily but your on Holiday and it’s fun for old and young.

We went swimming twice,once in the afternoon session and again in the morning. Both times it was very busy. Lots of fun things slides,rapids,wave machines etc but if your after a quiet swim then forget it. Did feel squashed in like a sardine at times but the kids loved it. The changing rooms/toilets are clean. Plenty of lifeguards. The pool is a but run down and grubby looking if I’m honest and not as big as it looks on the website.

There is a large play park and sports pitch over on the Mash and Barrel side,the girls enjoyed playing there. There are also some water jets over by the boardwalk-great fun!

Off the Park there are loads of things to do and breathtaking scenery to experience.

Go to Black Rock Sands near Porthmadog,beautiful beach,tidal pools and lots of rock pools.It brought back lots of memories for my Husband and I as we both holidayed in the area as children and visited the beach. The kids had hours of fun jumping the waves,making sandcastles and hunting for crabs and fish in the rock pools. It’s £4.00 to park on the beach all day which I feel is good value for money. There are toilets located close by too.

wales 2013 373

We took a trip on the Ffestiniog Railway which was an experience! Not recommended for those with vertigo-which I haven’t got but found it very daunting. There is stunning scenery to see at a leisurely pace though.

wales 2013 184

We visited Abersoch and had fish and chips over looking the Harbour-lovely!

wales 2013 150

Took a drive through Snowdonia-breathtaking!

We went to Swallow Falls which was very impressive but I feel it would have been more so if we had had some rainfall previously ,also I cant see how they can charge you to see something that is natural?! It’s a minimal charge but still..

Hafan Y Mor is very full on,but it’s great fun for the kids. The park is HUGE and I don’t think we even saw half of it! We would definitely consider holidaying there again.


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