Silent Sunday



25 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • He fell out of a nest in our roof,the girls found him last night and brought him in. If I’d been here I would have told them to leave well alone but of course there Dad let them do it. I’ve been told to put it back out side but the girls wont let me because of Cats. I can keep our Cat in the house but have no control over other peoples. I cant get it to eat either.

  1. We had a problem with finding baby swallows. They are very hard to take care of when they are little. The vet told us afterwards that it is better just to leave them where you find them, many types of birds can’t survive away from their moms and nature just needs to take it’s course 😦

  2. Thank you to everyone who commented,Baby Bird is now in the care of a local Wildlife Rescue . She/He has had their broken leg fixed and is being well looked after.

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