A new top for nothing

So you find yourself staring at that old top,the one with the bleach splashes on and wondering what to do with it.
Send it off to the clothes bank,resign it to ‘mucky clothes’,chuck it back in the drawer or get creative…


I cant stand to throw anything away and I’m desperate for some new threads so I decided to try my hand at some bleaching.

First of all I wound the top into a spiral as tight as I could manage.They easiest way to do this I have learnt from YouTube is to put your chosen top on a table/surface you can walk around then pinch the middle and begin walking. It should spiral up quite well. Lacking a table/surface of this nature I did struggle a bit but I got there in the end.You then need to secure your spiral. I grabbed to thing closet to hand-sticky tape-which worked very well but string would be more appropriate.


Next make your Bleach mixture,equal parts of Bleach and water and put it in your chosen applicator bottle. I used an empty washing up bottle (for maximum frugality) but found it difficult to control the flow of the mixture during application. An old hair dye applicator bottle might work well?

Follow the spiral (like I did) with the Bleach Mixture,or slap it all over it’s up to you!


Leave it it to ‘cook’ for about 20 mins


Are you happy with the colour? I felt mine needed a bit extra so I splashed on some neat Bleach and left it for another 5 mins


Pop it in the washer to get rid of the smell and and residue which might eat through the material.





I’m quite pleased with this as a first attempt but as I said earlier I will go for a different applicator next time.
I’m itching to try some tie dye now so watch this space!


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