Magic Moments

Here is my Youngest proudly modelling her new glasses,this is my Magic moment for this week. No longer are glasses seen as ‘geeky’ from what I can gather it’s now cool to wear them! She was so happy and please to be having a pair a
nd couldn’t wait to show them off to her friends. I’m glad she is happy and not upset that she has to wear them-how magic is that 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. Wow, she looks so grown up in them. It’s great now glasses for kids are so stylish. J has come home asking for them after a couple of the other kids in his class started wearing them. Far cry from my school days!

  2. She looks very pretty with her new glasses! 😀 I remember the first time I wore glasses I was eleven and I was hiding as much as possible as I was feeling ashamed and worried that my schoolmates might make fun of me (which they invariably did). I am very glad to see that times have changed!

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