Magic Moments

I’m joining in with magic moments again this week,it’s another oldie but a moment that sticks in my mind.

These photographs were taken in 2008 . I’d taken the girls to my parents house to stay,they live at the seaside (lucky things) and I’d took them to a local beach on the train on my own. Nothing magical about this you may think but for me,at that time it was a huge achievement. I was suffering badly from depression and even leaving the house was a struggle. So to get on a train ,and take the girls out all on my own was to me amazing and something to be proud of. I’m so glad I took the camera and I have these photos.

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19 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. That really is a magical moment. I sometimes find it hard to take my two out of the house and I suffer from nothing other the occasional lazyitis. Mega hats off for doing while suffering from depression. Your girls look like they had an amazing time.

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