The Plan..

I’ve hit the age where the realisation has dawned that I have nothing to show for my 30 years on this earth except my children.

I have no decent qualifications and I’m stuck in a job that isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t want to live where I do any more.

I need a change,I’m stagnating!

So here begins the plan….

Nothing permanent can be done until 2015 but there is nothing stopping me putting wheels in motion.

Step 1- Join housing exchange sites (yes judgey people I DO live in a Council House but I pay my way) This has been done already and today I have found a local Authority one for the area we are looking at.

Step 2- Visit said area, speak to locals,get a feel for it. It’s al right seeing pictures on the net but the actual area may be nothing like you imagined.Find out about jobs ,more importantly what the Taxi trade is like as that is what one of us will be doing for a living.

Step 3- Research schools and collages as by the time we move our eldest will have finished High School.

Step 4-SAVE

Step 5-Pay off Taxi,then it will belong to us and we can be free to move horarh!

Step 6-Find somewhere to live.

Step 7- Find schools/colleges/jobs

Step 8- Move!

Step 9- Settle in to new house,begin keeping Chickens and growing own Veg.

Step 10- enrol in a Photography Course and make Hobby a career.

Looks easy enough doesn’t it,I did resist putting step 11 as ‘live happily ever after’

Will we do it? We’ve talked about it often enough.Living there is our dream.I have no ties here,I have good friends but they/we can visit. Husband though,he’s born and bread here. If anyone won’t make the change it’s him.

Has anyone ever packed up and moved halfway across the country? what’s it like starting again? No friends ,no family. How did your children take to the move?

I’d love some input from someone who’s done it.


5 thoughts on “The Plan..

  1. Good for you beautiful, it’s scary isn’t it but exciting at the same time. I’m quite looking forward to getting my dream life too.

    Glad I don’t have to worry about the school part though which actually works out better but the only problem I’m having with the council swap sites is that they like photos … Understandable but the out side if my home is covered in horrid rendering and egg stains. I can’t exactly put in my ad that you won’t have any trouble if you’re a narrow minded track suit wearing member of society lol

    Sending you all the luck and blessings for a new start (new moon next week, great time for new energies) πŸ™‚

    Loads of luck and more hugs

  2. Go for it. I moved 50 miles once. It was the best thing I ever did. The worst was moving back because I fell for it when a good job came up back here. All of those jobs have disappeared now. I spend most of the time working on our ‘get the kids out of here’ plan. I figure at least if they face difficult futures, they can do it somewhere pretty! πŸ™‚

  3. Planning is always a wonderful thing, it gives you perspective and something to aim for. I’m sure you can achieve all of this – it might take some time (I know all my plans take forever to come to fruition) but you’ll be super proud when you get there!

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