Easter Eggs-with a twist!

This morning we got very messy with lots of glue,glitter and wool.

This is our entry effort for the Center Parks Chocolate Challenge

Right then,you will need-

Mini Chocolate Eggs-were using wrapped ones but you can used whatever you like
PVA Glue
A washable container for mixing
Glitter is optional but I thought we’d use a bit of Sparkle
and a wipe clean table cover or surface to work on

Here’s what to do,

First you need to get your mini chocolate egg inside the Balloon,try blowing it up a bit to stretch it first and it’s probably a job for the grown up as it’s a bit fiddly.

Once you got it in there blow the Balloon up part way until it resembles (in size and shape) an egg

Then you need to do a bit of mixing,put equal parts of glue and water-and glitter if you are using-into your washable container and give it a good old stir until your left with runny-ish gloop.

Now cut your wool/string into lengths and dunk it into your gloopy mixture,making sure to keep hold of one end.

After it is covered you need to start wrapping it around your egg balloon,covering evenly and not l;eaving any gaps big enough for your mini chocolate egg to fall out of.

Pop it to dry,we put ours in egg cups.





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