Fabulous Fruit n Veg

Last week,if you remember I blogged about the local Fruit and Veg collections scheme in my Community Spirit post.

It’s a scheme operated from one of the nearby villages,allowing people to buy good quality seasonal fruit and veg at affordable prices. You can purchase bags in 3 size Small (£1.50) Medium (£2.50) or large which I opted for.

Today was collection day and it was time to see if my £4.50 had been money well spent.

I was handed my re usable bag which was full to the brim,I spotted a cabbage straight away but I was eager to get it home to discover it’s contents.


Oooo what’s in here?

Back home I unpacked it and found,

1 small bag of Potatoes

1 Large Green Cabbage

1 head of Broccoli

2 Parsnips

7 Carrots

2 Small Oranges

3 Pears

5 Apples

My haul

Wow! I was stunned,I buy my fruit and veg from the same place this had come from (the local Farm Shop) and usually my weekly veg spend comes to around £13.

The fruit will easily last the week and with the veg I can make it stretch to 4 dinners for the week but I may have to but some more Potatoes.

Stew (Potatoes,Carrots,Parsnips) This will last us two days

Sunday Roast (Potatoes,Cabbage,Broccoli,Carrots)

Bubble and Squeak (left over veg with possible some more cabbage/Potatoes)

Another meat and Veg meal.

So for £4.50 I have all the Veg I need for 6 days-fantastic and well worth the 5 minute drive to collect it.

My friend came with me and she was equally impressed and even better ,as you cant specify what you want,if there is something either of us wont use we can swap.

I will definitely be using this again.

Have you got any schemes like this where you live?

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12 thoughts on “Fabulous Fruit n Veg

  1. I have no idea, actually. I was going to say no, because I live on the outskirts of a big city, but there are farms nearby, so may have to look out for this. What a great idea! Surprise veg, mmmm….

  2. We have a veggie box man comes round and although I dont use it at the moment, its definitely something I would consider as I am getting fed up of poor quality fruit and veg in supermarkets. My only gripe is that I like to choose which veg I buy x

  3. What a great idea. This is so much better than buying supermarket veg which inevitably goes off! Especially as its wrapped in plastic. I need to see if there is a scheme like that near here. Thanks for linking for some PoCoLo xx

  4. I get my fruit and veg box delivered but I’m currently paying three times the amount for probably only a little more than what you have there! I don’t like buying from supermarkets though.

  5. How brilliant! Just spent a fortune on fruit and veg in the supermarket. I really wish we had a fruit and veg scheme near us. MMM…things to find out about when moving… Thanks for all your lovely comments and the follow too! I look forward to reading more of yours soon! Margot x #PoCoLo

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