The Gallery-Walks

Walks…Walking,we like walking.

When I say to the girls were going out tomorrow they seem to sense it will involve traipsing round in muddy boots for a few hours exploring and discovering.

I think my 11 year old would much prefer it if I announced we were off to Drayton Manor (it’s her age) but my 8 year old still has the enthusiasm.

Right,walks……perhaps some photographs of the places we have walked.

beacon hill 009



21 thoughts on “The Gallery-Walks

    • Thank you 😀 The second from last is our local woods and the last one is the entrance to Luds church at the Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands-fantastic place -it felt like we’d stumbled into Middle Earth!

    • Thank you,it it Luds church in the Roaches,Staffordshire Moorlands. A place called Back Forest if I remember correctly,it was like stepping into Middle Earth-beautiful!

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