Magic Moments,the only time they were all together

Today I’m joining in with Magic Moments hosted by The Olivers Madhouse . You can use an old or new photograph of that magical moment that has happened.

Today I’m using an old photograph,a very special one.

Just look at it-it’s a terrible photograph,nobody’s even looking at the Camera!

From left to right we have,

Teigan aged 2 days old,My Dad,and Shannon aged 3 years and nearly one month.It’s August 30th 2004.The day after this was my 22d Birthday

Like me my Dad was always behind the camera so we don’t have many photo’s of him.

What makes this photograph such a ‘Magic Moment’ is that it is the only photograph I have of My Father and his Grandchildren.

Dad was very ill when this was taken,shortly after this he was admitted to Hospital. He never came home again.
Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour and an operation to remove it was not successful and he passed away on January 5th 2005.

He never saw Shannon or Teigan after he was admitted to hospital,Shannon can just about remember him now.

We didn’t have the best relationship,he wasn’t the worlds best Dad by a long shot but that’s another Blog post entirely.


He doted on his Grandaughter Shannon and it’s awful that he never got to know Teigan ,or watch them growing up.

So this is my Magic Moment for today,a sad moment but also a very happy one and a moment to treasure.


12 thoughts on “Magic Moments,the only time they were all together

  1. I don’t think this picture would be as good if they were all posing and looking towards the lens. Love that it captures it just the way it was. Terrific treasure.

  2. This photo captures the moment perfectly, natural, relaxed. So sorry your dad couldn’t have spent more times with them. It is one of the huge sadnesses in my life that my dad never met my husband or my kids. Cherish the moment. Lovely post xx

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