Community Spirit

Do you have it where you live?

From me it’s a resounding NO.

Yesterday my friend and I went to check out a Fruit n Veg collection scheme in one of the nearby villages abut 5 mins away. On arriving at the village hall we were stunned by what they had on offer.

Community Cafe 3 times a week-they even do a 3 course lunch!
Indoor Bowling.
Craft workshops-for free!
IT suite.
Job club
Film nights for children and adults.
Family History workshops.
Kids club.
Of course the Veg to table scheme,

and lots more.

This is all run and staffed by volunteers. When we came out after placing our orders ,and enjoying a very nice cup of tea and some hot buttered toast, we both said ‘why don’t we have things like this where we live?’

We have a Village hall and lots of adults and children who I’m sure would benefit from activity’s and services like these.

But it’s getting things started,and finding people to run them. I cant imagine people round here wanting to commit to things.Maybe I’m wrong and there are a few people wishing we could get something up and running but I cant see it.

It’s a shame,and I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous of all they’ve got going on up there. But well done to them it’s great to see people putting effort in and giving something back.

What’s it like where you live? Do you have any activity’s that run weekly,do you volunteer yourself?


10 thoughts on “Community Spirit

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if more places had this kind of community spirit? There would be things to look forward to that didn’t break the bank and have families worrying if they could afford to go. Teenagers wiould have something to do rather than kicking around the streets claiming they’re bored and above all maybe life would just be nicer because we’d be mixing with people and learning about them, rather than judging from afar! #PoCoLo

  2. Round by me it’s utter shit and that’s putting it mild. I tried to start a residents association but no one came to meetings, they were fine bitching about things but didn’t want to take part in change, I couldn’t even get anyone to join the neighbourhood watch. It’s not a friendly place to be

    Really wish community spirit was common, I use to let the other kids (friends with my own etc) play with my circus gear in the street until parents had me investigated for child grooming!!

    Really can not wait to move

  3. Move to HOLLINGDEAN! I live in Brighton and we have an amazing community in the area of Hollingdean. You really would be surprised how many people DO want to volunteer a few hours of their time a week to help with something they enjoy. I started a Facebook page for the community and within 2 weeks we had over 50 residents on it, sharing ideas. Someone just needs to go for it. Put a poster up about an idea or speak to the local pub or village hall about hosting a community day to invite people to come with ideas. I love where we live. There is a real mix of people and you would be amazed at what you can achieve. Just need someone to start it. X
    (found this at #PoCoLo by the way)

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