Personalised Reward Chart

Last weekend we were lucky enough to receive a reward chart to review from Personalised Reward Charts

You can choose from Lots of designs suitable for Girls or Boys. I chose a very pink design featuring Unicorns and a picture of my youngest for that extra personal touch.

The chart came with some star stickers and a marker pen,the chart is fully laminated so it’s easy to wipe it down and and start again making it fully reusable. In my opinion this is so much better than cardboard or paper charts I have previously used before and at £3.00 amazing value for money.


But how did we get on your wondering?


For a start what tasks to put,the main problem we are having with our 8 year old at the moment is getting her to stop in her bed all night. I think she wakes up to go to the loo,feels a bit scared so climbs in with us. She’s getting a bit big for this now though so I thought it might be time to try a reward chart again.

She didn’t seem to keen on the idea initially but we allowed her to chooses her own ‘extra special reward’-she chose cake!


The first night she went to bed,after being promised a shiny star on her chart if she could manage a whole night in her own bed.

She didn’t manage one the first night ,or the second night…

But then something seemed to ‘click’ . I do wonder if maybe she is a little old now for reward charts and they are better suited to younger children? The only thing I can say is…


It seems to be working so far! Also letting your little one decide on their own reward will give an incentive to fill up their chart with stars. Let them stick their stars on to the chart as well,to give them a feeling of pride in knowing they have achieved something.

The charts have a few rows in which to write tasks so you can have as many or as little as you want. I would say to start with one and then work up to a few more as the child might feel under pressure to achieve all their stars.

Once again thank you to Personalised Reward Charts for providing us with Teigan’s reward chart to review and being kind enough to let us keep the product.


This is a sponsored post


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