Ranty Friday grrrrr

So yesterday I got annoyed ,then angry. I’m usually a very calm person but I have a vile temper when the red mist comes down.

Back story…..
I’ve been for a job interview ,well it was last Wednesday so on Tuesday I posted a status on Facebook the I had had the interview but not heard anything and in peoples opinions should I take it I had not been successful or should I ring up and find out what was going on.
About half an hour later the company rang and asked me to come for a second interview (today eeekk!) so I posted
‘How weird,they’ve just called me back for a second interview’

This takes us up to yesterday afternoon when I received a phone call from my ops officer saying they had been told I’d had a job interview. Where was it at and why was I thinking of leaving. I was honest and said yes I have,and I just fancy a change. Yes I know I should have said none of your beeswax but my brain was very tired yesterday-blame my CFS.
Then I asked who had told her,to which she replied nobody’s told me but you’ve put it on Facebook.

Now this really did annoy me as I know full fact that the person who I am speaking to doesn’t have Facebook,so am I to assume they are sitting in the office spying on their employees profiles?!

Hard as mine is set to private!

Conclusion-one of my work colleagues is a mole/facebook spy

and if they are going to run back telling tales they should cover their tracks more carefully , opening your mouth to elderly ladies is not a good thing as they love the gossip and one asked me out right last night when I was leaving!

When asked who had told her,she didn’t want to say but did tell me she had found out today. It’s not hard to work things out when your name has been in the communication book twice that day.


It’s my choice when I tell my bosses/service users that I’ve had job interviews and if and when I’m choosing to leave-not yours nosey gossip!

I haven’t even got the bloody job yet!! and now watch me not get it and work be really arsey with me for ever more because I dared to think about leaving.

Once my suspicions are 100% confirmed I will be having words with this person.

I know what your thinking,why put things on facebook/facebook is the root of all evil/silly cow your over reacting etc

It’s my space to put what I feel,like here-exept nobody in the real world knows I do this and I thought I could trust people I considered to be friends.

I feel like my privacy has been invaded and if I’m honest I am afraid of the repercussions of her little stunt should I not be lucky enough to get out of my current company.

anyway rant over and B-R-E-A-T-H-E


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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