Mum! I want my Ears Pierced …

Announced my 8 years old yesterday, ‘all my friends have theirs done’ and then she proceeded to reel off a list of names as if it would make it more believable.

‘But it will hurt’

I said

‘and you have to keep them very clean and keep twisting them,you know how funny you are about body parts and stuff’

I said

‘and you’ll probably have an allergy to the metal because of your sensitive skin’

I said

and all she said was ‘please Mum I really want them done.I will keep them clean,I know it will hurt but only for a little bit and can you get special earrings that don’t give you a rash?’

So it looks like she has made her mind up,it just me that needs convincing.

I suppose I need to be honest here……I do not like to see small children with their ears pierced……there I said it.

There is nothing worse than seeing a kid still in a pushchair with gold hoops in its ears.

I don’t think it looks right on children still in primary school.

High school age kids,yes. But under 12 no.

I’m sure I’ve ruffled a few feathers here,but it’s my opinion and my space in which to voice it and by all means please try and convince me otherwise as maybe I AM being silly.

Maybe it’s all down to the fact the at I have never had my ears pierced (shock horror) I’ll sit and have a tattoo any day but I’ve never fancied making holes in myself that shouldn’t be there. They look great on other adults but there not for me.

So I’m interested to see what peoples opinions of a suitable age are,this goes for boys as well as girls. There is a little poll bellow if you’d like to help me out.

Have your kids got their ears pierced? Is it worth the hassle? Did you agonize over agreeing to let them have it done?


6 thoughts on “Mum! I want my Ears Pierced …

  1. I think I was about 8 years old when I first asked my mum if I could have my ears pierced. She said no. I had to wait until I was 13 and then I had them done 6 weeks before my birthday, so I could ask for earrings as presents. It did hurt a bit but I managed to look after them and keep them clean. Years have passed and I still wear earrings most days.

    My daughter is 2 years old and very interested in my earrings! I’ve told her she’ll have to wait until she’s 10 because that seems suitably far into to the future. My husband says 12! In reality, it will depend on her maturity and ability to look after them properly. All children are different in that respect, aren’t they?

  2. Tricky one this. My girl wants hers done, I have relented and said when she finishes year 6. That means they can heal over the summer before she starts high school. You didn’t have an option for just age 11, so.I clicked 9-11

    • I think that’s fair,My eldest is 11 and I asked her if she wanted her done recently as she started High school last September-she was horrified at the thought though! I have two very different girls

  3. My oldest daughter had hers done when she was thirteen. When she was around 8 she would carry around a Promise Book she made and have me sign things…what things I don’t know because when you’re busy or tired, you sign so you can rest. Well, she obviously kept it…go figure. Four years later, she brings the book to me and tells me it is time for her to get her ears pierced and showed me my signature. Well, what could I do but grab my purse and take her to get them pierced.

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