Half Term Fun-Den building

On Tuesday I took smallest and her friend Den building at . It’s a local country Park to us and worth a visit.

I’ve not been for a while , they have built a new play area since we last visited which is nothing short of amazing! Some fantastic play equipment and had it been less crowded I would have had a go myself.

The den building cost £3.00 per child for a two hour activity led by a ranger (a very nice lady called Tracey) after the den building the rangers built a small fire and the children roasted marshmallows.

Smallest and her friend had great fun,they decided to make a ‘A-frame’ den,using a log placed between two trees as a central support. The overall shape of the den when they had finished reminded me of a teepee which was lovely. They even made a garden complete with a fence,trees and even a washing line!

The aim was to see if you could build a den that was strong,camouflaged and waterproof. The kids decided to cover the outside of the den with birch branches that still had leaves and ivy. They put two logs inside to act as a table and a bench.

To see if the den was waterproof you sat inside and a ranger came and squirted you with water through the den-great fun!

They really enjoyed roasting the Marshmallows and they got very sticky.

Afterwards we ate lunch,climbed some trees,played in the mud and had lots of fun in the park and we were lucky enough to have the sun shining all day.

The dens garden-can you see the washing line?

The dens garden-can you see the washing line?

Looking for materials

Looking for materials

Making the gardens fence

Making the gardens fence

The den,with table and bench

The den,with table and bench



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