Half Term? Already?!

Yes it’s rolled round again,has it really been 6 weeks since Christmas?

The girls are on a countdown until next Friday.

Shan is off to my Mum’s for the week (lucky) and Teigan is stopping here with us as she finds it difficult to settle,and if I’m honest can be a handful so she’s better here with us.

So I’ve booked our train tickets and I’m taking her up on Saturday and then we’ll stop the night and come home on Saturday. It will be nice to see Mum and Dad as the last time was October.

But what are we going to do for the rest of the week?!

Unlike the girls I don’t get a week off when school is out and until I find a term time job ( which is probably never) I have to juggle work and looking after the girls. I have good friends though and we help each other out. My big shift is in the evening so by that time their Dad is home and he takes over.

but I’m rambling,what are we going to do in our free time?

I’ve booked a place at a local Country Park to join in with den building (at Teigan’s request) then after they will be building a small fire and roasting Marshmallows. It sounds like fun,I just hope it stays dry! The price of the activity is £3.00 for 2 1/2 hours so not bad at all and after we have finished we can go to the play park there.

Odeon run a kids ‘club’ during the Holidays. It costs between £1-£4 per child (usually £2.50 at our local Cinema) and adults get in free. It uses up a couple of hours and is good for rainy days.

Walking the Dog and the local park costs nothing so that will be a daily occurrence.

What plans have you got for Half Term? How do you manage to keep the costs down? Have you got any rainy day ideas you’d like to share?


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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