Out with the old,in with the new

So here we are,the end of another year. A time to look back and reflect but also to look forward. In January this year I wrote a ‘to do’ list,

1-Loose a stone
3-Don’t stress
4-Keep on top of Housework
5-Improve self confidence
6-Make time for me
7-Have adventures with my family
8-Think about myself for a change

 so how did I do??

1- a big fat fail (excuse the pun) and now I’m heavier than I was when I wrote that it will feature on this years list.I did try,did the whole slimming world thing,cut out the crap but it did not work.

 2- I can’t,I’ve tried. How do you ‘chill’ exactly?!

 3- I’m trying,but I just get so wound up. It’s just the way I am.

 4- Not going badly at all,ok it’s not a show home-it’s lived in but it’s not bad. I just need a bit of help so I will be drawing up rotas this year.

5-Getting there,I managed to speak in front of a room full of people without looking at the floor while blushing-go me! I’ve got a long way to go though until I can be happy with myself but it’s going well.

6-I have started having a day off in the week so while the girls are at school I can do what I want and have time to myself.

7- We’ve had some great times this year ,and discovered new places all in all a brilliant success.

 8-I still can’t help putting others before myself,again it’s just who I am. I’ve never been ‘me,me,me’ it’s always ‘but what about them’. I worry more about others than I do myself. Not good but maybe it’s a good quality to have?

 So the 2012 to do list may not have been a success but it gave me things to work at,I need to get my thinking cap on for 2013.

 2012 has been a good year,it’s had it’s lows but things are looking up for us.My kids are happy and healthy,my Husband finally has a job he enjoys and he’s his own boss,I’ve gained some new strings for my bow by doing distance learning courses.

 Here’s looking forward to next year May you all be happy,healthy and have all you deserve.


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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