Growing up isnt easy

My 11 year old isn’t happy,she hasn’t been happy for a while.

On Friday night she told me she didn’t like herself and that made me very ,very sad. My beautiful ,cleaver girl does not like herself. Why?!

She said she feels alone and she has no one to talk to,she has no friends and isn’t normal.

‘But what is normal anyway’ I wanted to shout,’have I brought you up to be a sheep or to be yourself ?!’

She cried-lots- and got angry to. She’s getting angry a lot and it’s hard,her sister or I  usually bear the brunt of it.

She’s been in such a low mood,snappy too. I know how hard High School is and I’m well aware of not fitting in.

I rang my lovely Mum for advice,she said I was just the same at her age so that made me feel better and more reassured.

I’ve told her she can always talk to me,not ‘cool’ I know but Mums really do make great listeners. and I have suggested that I give her a blank book and every night she gets rid of everything in her head onto the paper,I don’t want to read it-they are her private thoughts but there is nothing worse  than a brain full of negativity. And I’ve been hugging her lots.

I don’t like seeing her like this ,she’s always been a very complex and emotional child (if you can call her a child I am convinced she’s at least 30 really) but this is new. The negativity has never been aimed at herself.

So for now I can’t see what else I can do other than offer love ,a willing ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Has anyone else been through this with their Daughter,or Son? Does it get any easier? Is there anything else I could or should be doing?


One thought on “Growing up isnt easy

  1. Oh dear. I feel for you both. My 10 yr old was in pieces tonight. Apparently her world is awful and i am mean because she is the ONLY one without kik messenger amongst her friends! Blimey I wishthat was all I had to worry about! Sending you family hugs because I think this is normal and you just need hugs tot get through xx

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