Taking a break,I’m still here

Sorry I’ve been quiet again,everything seems to have got a bit hectic here,what with Santa business , my coursework, de-cluttering the house I haven’t seemed to have had time to sit down and Blog!

I did promise some photo’s of the German Market which I haven’t got up but I will do-promise  🙂

Well yesterday Shan had a day off from school so we put the Decorations up,I let her decorate the Tree herself. This is a big step for me as I’m very ocd about my tree and I’ve never let the kids help before (I know I’m a mean Mummy) and it looked like she had so much fun doing it. I only had to move two baubles as well 😉

It was a gorgeous frosty day yesterday so the perfect day to put them up.I’m still not feeling the Yule Spirit though. Maybe it is having to work over the festive period or ‘cos the kids know that it’s us hiding the pressies under the tree and not a fat man in a red suit. Oh well there’s still time.

It’s a lazy morning here,Chicken stew in the slow cooker for dinner already as I’m working tonight. Girls snuggled up on the sofa watching Jessie. Think we might just hide inside all day and keep warm.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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