Catching up!

Blimey,I’ve just realised I’ve neglected my Blog over the weekend. No photo a day either!

*Inwardly scolds self*

My appologies

My youngest was poorly on Saturday,just a sick bug and she’s been fine since so we had a lazy day as she was up at 5am and I was due in work on the night.

On Sunday we went to the German Market in Birmingham,and then to the Museum as the Lady of Shallot was on loan from the Tate and I desperately wanted to see it.

I took a few photo’s on my phone so I will put them in a separate post.

Right – photo a day

Day 17 (Saturday)

Todays prompt was ‘the last thing you brought’

That would be Mr and Mrs Pheasant here

Day 18 (Sunday)

Today’s prompt was ‘happened this weekend’

A visit to a enormous Waterstones in Birmingham.

Day 19 (Monday)

Yesterdays prompt was ‘something awesome’

This is awesome,they took it themselves and they are the most awesome thing in my life ❤


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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