Charlecote Park

I had a weekend off so yesterday we piled in the car and went to visit Charlecote Park .

The car park is over the road next to the Garden Centere which had some amazing displays of Pumpkins,Gords and Squashes. There is also a good selection of plants and fresh fruit and veg for sale.

You enter the park down the drive which is lined with trees,all looking beautiful in there autumnal colours. You can see in front of you the gate house which is Tudor in origin,there is a shop inside selling venison and lamb produced on the estate as well as local produce and crafts.

Walking through the gate house you enter the Gardens and the House is in front of you. The House did not open until 12 so we decided to explore the grounds for a while.

At the back of the house there is the river Avon,across this we were lucky enough to see a heard of Fallow Deer . You can access over to the Deer park via a stone bridge but you cannot get in unless joining in with one of the free guided walks that run daily.

In the outbuildings there are a collection of Carriages,a Brewery,2 second hand book shops (suggested donations for books) a National trust shop and a Victorian Kitchen. The girls found this part interesting as  they had stuffed dead Pigeons on the table!

Walking back past the house you enter another garden,on your right is an Elm tree that is 180 years old! There are sculpture dotted around the gardens,most are raffia type balls in different sizes but we found a wooden Mouse on a swing suspended from one of the trees that we enjoyed looking at.

A bit further on is the summer house that looked like a Faerie house to me,it’s beautiful it’s a shame you cant look inside.

We then went to the Orangery restaurant for lunch before going into the house,there’s a good selection of cakes but not a lot of choice when it came to main meals. My Husband and I had a Cottage pie and it was very tasty. As with most National Trust places the food is pricey.

Then it was onto the house which at the moment is being rewired so there were a lot of boxes stacked up and some exhibits were covered in white sheets,this will be going on until the Spring.

 On going into the house we were greeted by a friendly volunteer who gave us a fact sheet on the history of each room we would be visiting.

You enter in to the great hall,the Children’s activity was to spot Hedgehogs that were dotted around the house so the girls had fun doing that. The great Hall is very impressive with lots of large paintings on the walls. There is a lovely beamed ceiling,at least you think it is but it is actually plaster painted to look like wood!

You then walk through two other rooms,most of what is in them is either in boxes or covered up. Then its upstairs via a spiral staircase and into a bedroom,along a corridor,down a grand staircase and back into the main hall. You can then go into the library but there were no books (I think that must have been what was in the boxes) on the shelf’s but it is a very lovely room.

After leaving the house we went around the back to have a look at the knot garden and the girls had fun walking round it,there are also some stone steps leading down to the river.

All in all it was an enjoyable day but it would have been nice to see the house in all it’s glory,we shall have to visit again when the work is complete.

The Gatehouse

Giant leaves!

The Victorian Kitchen

What do they feel like?

The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse

The Great Hall


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