Things that have made me smile (and cringe!) today

Well it was back too school this morning and I’m pleased to say the girls got up washed and dressed with no arguments-they even brushed their teeth without me nagging (perhaps they were replaced with changeling’s in the night?!) This made me smile a lot as morning usually = battlezone.

My friend is ill today so I picked her youngest up and took him to school for her. I had the new Killers CD on in the car so he asked if they were a Rock Band. I replied  ‘yes,but maybe not in your Mum’s opinion’ (her musical taste involves industrial metal and bands called genital deformities etc) so then my youngest pipes up ‘what about Muse Mum,are they a Rock Band too?’  again I replied ‘ Yes but maybe not in my friends opinion’. That conversation made me smile as according to my friend listening to Muse and the Killers makes her ears bleed!

Lunchtime now and I’m with a fellow CSW visiting a client. The Doctor has come to see her and as he’s leaving he clonks his head on the hanging basket by the door. This makes my colleague and I laugh (childish)

Not so funny I go round the back of the house to put the rubbish out and catch the council worker who’s laying a wheelchair ramp outside weeing into next doors garden (cringe) I was honestly gob-smacked! His excuse was ‘well I’ve got to go somewhere’ er knock on the door and ask to use the loo you filthy mare!

all in all (bar the wee incident) a good day so far….


Comments make me smile-Thank you!

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