The weekly round up 4/11/12

-So what have we done this week?

Well it was Half Term so we spent the week at my Parents house in Lancashire,we went up on the train as the girls enjoy it and to be honest it’s quicker-and cheaper than going in the car!

We visited  Rufford Old Hall which is a National Trust property. We also went to The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight. The weather was rubbish but it’s lovely to spend time with my parents.

We came home on Friday and had a quiet afternoon.

Yesterday we did a bit of shopping for storage boxes (I’m trying to bring order to my clutter  things ) in the new Range store that has opened in the next Town. They have many lovely things in there and I did treat my self to some new notebooks ready to fill with lots of ideas (I hope!)
The shopping was delivered and then I planned the meals for the week.
At 6’o clock it was off to work,I was a bit disappointed to be going back after a break but it was nice to  see all my service users.

Today another lazy day, we went to the Farm shop and stocked up with lots of lovely, fresh and locally produced fruit and veg. I cooked a Roast ,did about 3 lots of washing up and then flopped for a bit. I’m back at work tonight so before I go I will make sure the uniforms are out and the bags are packed.

I wonder what next week will bring?


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