The Lady Lever Art Gallery

This week was Half Term so we spent the week at my parents house. On Sunday we visited the The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight as they had an exhibition of Pre Raphaelite art I wanted to see as this is my favourite type of art.

We hopped on the train (again)  and we were off. Port Sunlight Village is very picturesque,it reminded me of  Bournville Village here in the Midlands. There were lots of trees in lovely autumnal colours (photo opportunity!)

The Girls enjoyed looking at all the exhibits,my youngest was very interested in the Tudor room as she is currently learning about them at School. Like wise my eldest found the Roman busts and statues interesting.

I was pleased to be able to see two paintings by Rossetti which were beautiful.

I kept looking up at the amazing ceilings too!

After a yummy lunch in the Cafe  we took a walk to the fountain and then up to the War Memorial before catching the Train home.

My Eldest Looking at The Roman Busts


The Tudor Room

On an Interactive exhibit

Beautiful collection of Glass Bottles

Having a sit down

The Fountain

The War Memorial


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